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Bagley, Desmond - Bahama Crisis (Terug)
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Auteur Bagley, Desmond
Titel Bahama Crisis
Uitgever Fontana
Genre Thriller
Bijzonderheden 1981 - pocket - 250 p.
ISBN nummer 0006163041
Taal Engels
Staat staatstaatstaatstaatstaatstaat
Beschrijving staat (VG)
Gewicht 137 gram
Past door brievenbus (Ja/Nee) Ja
Prijs € 1,25
Omschrijving Thriller - The Mangans, having fought on the losing side of the American War of Independence, sail to the Bahamas, where they settle and prosper.

Several generations later, Tom Mangan is the affluent proprietor of a number of luxury hotels, whose future looks even brighter with the injection of fifty million dollars provided by a well-heeled Texan family. The day Mangan clinches the deal with his friend, Bill Cunningham, should be the happiest day of his life, but a family tragedy followed by a series of misfortunes and disasters eventually leads him to suspect a conspiracy to ruin him, or, perhaps, something even more horrifying.
Bagley, Desmond - Bahama Crisis